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Research and Consultancy

Research at the Centre for Air Transport and the Environment is designed to address the key environmental challenges relating to the sustainable development of the air transport industry.  The research landscape is broad, ranging from consideration of what sustainability means for the air transport sector (including both the social and economic benefits) through the key environmental impacts associated with the industry, Climate Change, Carbon Emissions, Aircraft Noise, Local Air Quality, Resource Use, Wastes, Habitats and Ecological losses. CATE research focuses upon the science underpinning such issues, methods of environmental impact assessment and management.

In addition to reporting on work undertaken by staff within CATE, this section of the website also provides a portal to the Omega project. In 2006, CATE was awarded £5 million to lead a consortium of top UK Universities to work in collaboration with industry and regulators to research and support delivery of sustainability for UK aviation. OMEGA links with similar initiatives the US (PARTNER programme) and in Europe (ECATS ).