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Rosie May Hollins

Rosie’s research interests include sustainable development and transport planning, particularly the integration of sustainable transport networks. Her research at CATE gives her the opportunity to cover a wide range of issues including:

  • The CO2 implications of air and rail transport
  • Factors influencing transport demand and load factors
  • Future technological and operational developments in air and rail transport and their impacts on the environment
  • The UK electricity generation mix and its impacts on transport emissions

Rosie’s undergraduate teaching experience at Manchester Metropolitan University has given her the opportunity to attain skills in curriculum development and course management. Rosie’s curriculum development material has focussed on global sustainability issues such as animal ethics and systems thinking. The work has also allowed her to develop her knowledge in urban planning and sustainability issues surrounding farming and food.

Rosie’s work at the Denis Wilson Business Group allowed her to gain invaluable experience on transport planning from a business perspective. It was here that she developed skills on producing travel plans and transport assessments for a range of organisations and groups in society, ranging from housing estates to health clubs.

Between her employment at the Denis Wilson Business Group and the NHS, Rosie took some time out to go travelling in Asia and Australia. This experience broadened her understanding of the world, experiencing various cultures and ways of life was a challenge that developed her confidence and communication skills.

Work Experience