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Professor Paul Hooper

Professor Paul Hooper is Head of Enterprise Development in the School of Research, Enterprise and Innovation, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Manchester Metropolitan University. His work contributes to the Centre for Air Transport and the Environment. Following a two year research assistantship sponsored by the ESRC at the University of Manchester, Paul was appointed Temporary Lecturer in Geography at Keel University in 1992. This post was recreated to service the newly established degree in Environmental Management and required a range of inputs to pollution control, environmental policy, business and the environment units. After this period Paul was appointed to his present post in 1994. This has allowed him to develop and extend his teaching and research interests in the areas of environmental management, corporate environmental & social responsibility, clean technology, and sustainable development policy and practice.

Currently, he is PT NW Regional Director for the National HE STEM Programme (2009-2012) and Faculty Enterprise Champion. The former role involves him in the leadership and management of the £21 million HEFCE funded project to enhance the delivery of STEM graduates in key Strategically Important and Vulnerable Subjects and encourage HE involvement in up-skilling those in work to the benefit of UK plc. As Head of Enterprise Development he leads efforts to increasing enterprise activity across the Faculty of Science and Engineering through evaluation of current practice, strategic planning and implementation of activities to widen staff engagement and heighten market responsiveness.

Work Experience