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Dr Michael Bennett

Since obtaining a PhD in theoretical physics from the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge in 1978, Dr Bennett has worked on the dispersion of atmospheric pollution, initially with the electrical generation industry and, for the last 20 years, in academia. Having started with theoretical approaches to calculating environmental impact, he became increasingly involved with the acquisition of field data to validate regulatory models. Since the late 1980’s he has been involved with the application of remote sensing (Lidar, Sodar) to these issues.

In a series of papers in the early 1990’s, was able to define precisely the parameters involved in describing buoyant plume rise from an industrial source.  These data were used in validating the UK regulatory dispersion model.  Since 2005, he has applied these techniques to the modelling of air quality around airports, in particular in a series of Lidar field trials at Heathrow, Manchester and Cranfield airports.

He now has 70 academic publications. These include recent reviews of air quality and its management around European airports.

Work Experience