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Dr Ling Lim

Dr Ling Lim is a Research Fellow in CATE. She has a first degree in Civil Engineering with Computing and a PhD in Air Quality Modelling from the University of Surrey. Her main research experience and interest lies in the application of computational techniques in the area of environmental science, especially looking into the environmental impacts of aviation industry. Currently, Ling is working on modelling the effects of the transport sector (specifically aviation) on climate using simple climate models (LinClim and MAGICC) and their applications in climate metrics. She is also investigating the climate impacts of aviation on contrails and contrail-cirrus.

Ling was previously involved in the EU FP6 ECATS, QUANTIFY and ATTICA projects; coordinated one of the work package in the EU FP7 REACT4C project and was an active participant in the FP7 project TEAM_Play. She is currently a participant in the FP7 Coordination Action project FORUM-AE. She is also supporting the ICAO-CAEP MDG emissions modelling activities. Nationally, she is providing supporting research material to the UK DfT. She has generated global aircraft movements inventory from EUROCONTROL/CAEP air traffic movements data and the OAG schedule timetable for previous ICAO-CAEP activities. She was also involved in various air quality dispersion modelling projects, including the Project for the Sustainable Development of Heathrow (PSDH) Model Inter-Comparison exercise.

Ling is a STEM Ambassador and promotes STEM subjects through regular outreach activities in schools.

Work Experience