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Dr Delia Dimitriu

Dr Delia Dimitriu is considered  one of the world’s leading authorities on aviation’s environmental impact, with focus on sustainability. Her main activity is conducted in C-E Europe and Asia.

Delia has an interesting background in infrastructure related projects, environmental management for business community, policy instruments and decision making process.

She has particular interest in climate change related to aviation sector: EU/ETS, offset programmes, carbon footprint and fuel management. Delia was part of a team that won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for its work on climate change and is a member of the  IPCC Fifth Assessment Report; WG3-Mitigation, Chapter 8-Transport (2010-2014).

Currently she is working with Airbus CE to research the feasibility of commercialising bio-fuel made from several feedstocks. The sustainability assessment and LCA are an important part of this work. Delia’s  most important work related to this proposal is the project Romanian camelina value chain, in which she is required to prove the sustainability of the chain from agricultural aspect to technology and aeronautical phase.

Work Experience