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Dr Agnieszka Skowron

Dr Agnieszka Skowron is a Research Associate in CATE. Her research interests primarily concentrates on investigations of global and regional effects of nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions from aviation on tropospheric chemistry, as well as unravelling the uncertainties associated with aircraft NOx estimates.

Agnieszka has been responsible for the running and maintenance of the global chemistry transport model, MOZART-3, as well as providing support for other potential users. Agnieszka provides support to the UK DfT project focusing upon a broad aspect of quantifying the impact of aviation NOx emission on climate using the global chemistry transport model, 3D CTM MOZART-3; Agnieszka has also been actively involved in the EU FP7 REACT4C project, where investigations of mitigation possibilities arising from changes in flight altitudes and from weather dependent flight patterns are her main tasks.

Other areas of research Agnieszka participates in include variation of the effects of regional aviation NOx emissions, regional climate impact of regional aviation NOx emissions, and incorporation of aircraft NOx rationalities into a global metrics.

Work Experience