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Research Partners and Stakeholders

Omega brought together world-class but previously fragmented academic expertise in aviation and the environment from nine major UK universities.
The  aim was to develop strategies and solutions for an environmental sustainable aviation industry. Working together with partners across the spectrum of industry, government, research and other organizations.

The primary academic partners were:





Omega works closely with a range of stakeholders to better understand the debate around aviation and the environment and to direct responsive academic enquiry. Our partners include:

  • representatives of the four main UK aviation sectors (manufacturers, airlines, airports and the air traffic
    management community)
  • UK Central Government departments addressing transport, industry, economic development and the environment
  • The Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) sector
  • Organisations charged with enhancing the development of their areas including RDAs and several local authorities in proximity to major airports
  • UK and international organisations charged to enhance solutions-oriented knowledge in key areas, e.g. UK research councils
  • International organisations as above addressing the aviation – environmental sustainability challenge