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Mitigation Policies

Omega looked at the cost-benefit issues involved, trade-offs, business approaches and barriers to change. The efficiency, inter-dependency and cost-effectiveness of mitigation policies were all the subject of investigation and analysis.  Research looked at the impact of EU Emissions Trading Scheme on the aircraft industry and the economy at large.

Using carbon off-setting to tackle climate change

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The study investigated the passengers’ flying from Manchester airport awareness of carbon offset, their attitudes to such schemes. willingness to pay, investigated strengths/weaknesses of existing schemes and considered the merits of locally focused projects.

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Estimating the marginal costs of aviation environmental abatement measures

The study developed a framework to identify and evaluate cost effective measures. It examined a range  of potential aviation developments – environmental gains from engine and airframe technology advances,. The study produced an accounting system for estimating the extra costs of reducing impacts, help in the design policies that encourage the adoption of aviation technologies for environmental returns.

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Environmental Aspects of Fleet Turnover Retirement and Life Cycle

Study examined the total life style cycle contribution, including the various aspects of entry and removal from the fleet of an aircraft on emissions effects. The analysis helped to understand the factors and levers used to enhance emissions performance.


Aircraft emissions trading

The project studies the commercial implication for the aviation industry of being included in the EU ETS. It involved advanced econometric techniques, development of a large scale macroeconomic model, assessed how businesses might respond to the cost implications of the ETS, effects on investment in the aviation sector and how aviation will fit into the broader EU emissions trading scheme.

Click here for the Project Summary and the Final Report