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Omega partners studied the drivers and enablers of aviation demand and projections of air traffic into the future. They also examined the ways in which demand can be eased, anticipated this will become and area of increasing attention in the aviation environment debate.


Aviation Carbon reduction toolkit and accreditation for business travel (Project Icarus)

The toolkit included guide to achieve low carbon travel, online calculator that compared different ways of travelling, advice on travel innituative (videoconferencing and webcasts) and information on carbon offset programmes.

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Economic benefits of aviation

This study harnessed the knowledge developed through existing studies to conduct a wide ranging review of aviation’s economic benefits in relation to industry’s impact on sustainability.

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People issues

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The project clarified the public awareness of aviation’s environmental effects and established how this influences passenger choices.  It investigated the public’s willingness to pay higher prices or sacrifice convenience in order to use air transport. It contributed to future business models  designed to meet customer expectations.

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Airline business models

The study aimed to understand the impact of different aviation market models and practices on sustainability. It examined pricing, operational practices and how the structure of the airline industry influences environmental performance.

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