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Alternative Fuels

The Omega partnership is examining the environmental performance of a number of alternative fuels to help determine their viability. This includes looking at the carbon intensity of production and the trade-offs between CO2 and other emissions and with noise.  We are also building a fuels data centre to capture knowledge in this area for wider usage and we will hold an alternative fuels conference in autumn 2008. Our work in this area is being carried forward in collaboration with experts in the US.


Sustainable fuels for aviation

The study characterised and evaluated the environmental effects of potential alternative aviation fuels. It evaluated the full chain of use from initial energy harvesting and resource extraction to production, transport and operational use by aviation industry, including disposal.

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Omega alternative aviation fuels data centre

A searchable database and alternative fuel data centre gave useful insight to policymakers, entrepreneurs and the aviation industry, linked to analyses from other sources. It enabled the identification of knowledge gaps addressed in further work.

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