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Aircraft Systems

Researchers in Omega examined the impacts associated with different technologies, linking technology models with climate impact assessment and exploring the barriers to introducing new technologies and considering the potential for ‘disruptive’ technologies.


Prioritisation of airframe and engine technologies

The study delivered an insight into how manufacturers, airlines and aiport operators may respond to technological options to reduce the environment effects of aviation, and to improve the understanding of responses by the aviation sector to market and policy drivers geared to advancing technology solutions.

Click here for the Project Summary and Final Report I and II

Strategies for a low carbon aviation future

The study looked at the social role of aviation, how industry operates, engineering factors and technological developments. Focus of its concern were the means of how to encourage the industry to invest in radically new technology, how aviations role could change as a result of fresh technology and what lessons can be learned from technological challenges in the past. It also examined what options and policy developments may serve to ease carbon pressures on aviation.

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Influence of composite materials on environmental pollution

The project quantified the impact of composite components on emissions reduction and provided information to enable testing of efficiency gains from new designs.

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Fuel efficiency development and prediction

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The study will lead to the development of a proposal for a ‘what if’ model called the integrated fleet assessment tool, which could estimate the fuel efficiency of a fleet by linking various models and testing a range of assumptions on efficiency change. The study aims to foster a better understanding of fuel efficiency improvement that will help the aviation sector and government to prioritise resources.

 Click here for the Project Summary and the Final Report

Control strategies for a cleaner exhaust

This project investigated control systems used during cruise and landing/take-off cycle to optimise emissions performance and allowed Omega partners to fully understand environmental optimisation of aero engines.

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