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Past Events

Sustainability Short Course

23rd-27th November 2009

The Centre of Air Transport and the Environment (CATE) combined with Omega ran a 5 day intensive workshop in November 2009 focussing on Sustainability and its meaning for the air transport industry.


Omega Dissemination Conference: Strengthening the Knowledge Base

4 – 5 March 2009

The conference shared the knowledge from key Omega studies in the areas of climate science, local air quality, environmental impacts of Air Traffic Management, alternative fuels, technology and market/economics. Spanning over two days, it distilled messages from Omega studies for a broader stakeholder audience, identifying what the further knowledge needs are in climate science, local air quality, technology and market/economics.


Climate related air traffic management seminar

29 January 2009

The seminar will focus on the European ATM system and make extensive use of actual flight trajectories and airport operations data to help describe the current system. The discussion will provide in-depth insight into ATM’s environmental efficiency, enabling recommendations to stakeholders for potential improvements.


Conference: Open Rotor Powered Aircraft

12 December 2008


The aim of the conference was to bring together parties who have an interest in the possible introduction of a large fleet of Open Rotor powered aircraft.

Air Transport Emissions Trading Scheme Workshop

11 December 2008

The workshop was considered to be successful in conveying the results of the Omega study and exposing issues that would affect future ETS policy and implementation. The feedback we received was entirely positive. Discussions on the day were lively, both during sessions and in the breaks.


Workshop on Airline Business Models and People Issues

4 December 2008

Omega ran a workshop answering the environmental implications of different airline business models such as long-haul low-cost carriers and specialist business jet services.


Omega Workshop on Environmental Aspects of Aircraft Fleet Turnover

3 December 2008

The seminar examined how emissions are affected by the life-cycle of an aircraft, from entry into service to removal from an airline fleet. It explored how new technology is incorporated in the fleet, how manufacturers respond to airline demands, influences on aircraft turnover and purchasing trends.

International conference on alternative aviation fuels

24 -26 November 2008

The three day international conference assessed the state of research and development of alternative fuels. Delegates considered the range of ethical issues linked to bio-fuels, such as land use. The legislation regarding the use of alternative fuels and they environmental impact was review in depth, along with wider environmental and economic challenges.

International conference on alternative fuels

November 2008

The conference showcased Omega’s deliverables and achievements as well as the launch of phase two of Omega.


International Airport Air Quality Conference

13-14 October 2008

The aim of the conference was to disseminate findings from Omega air quality projects and collaborative work with PARTNER and European networks and provided an exposition of technical issues relating to current and future airport air quality.



Environmental Costs of Air Transport, Estimating Marginal Costs of Environmental Abatement for the Aviation Sector and Economic Benefits of Aviation

10 October 2008

The workshop published the findings from Omega studies, assembling a wide range of economic, market and abatement information that assisted policy makers and the industry to define effective and cost effective solutions to different aspects of the aviation sustainability challenge.


Non-CO2 effects and metrics workshop and roadmap

30 September 2008, 9:30 – 13:00

The workshop brought together the scientific knowledge, thinking and offered guidance for future Omega studies. The knowledge development ‘roadmap’ on non-CO2 discussed areas of uncertainty in climate science, examined how metrics were developed and defined timescales and expected output of climate science and research studies.


Carbon neutral airports & carbon offset workshop

9 September 2008 9am – 5pm

The workshop investigated how the definition of carbon neutrality at airports is standardised. The workshop also looked at how ‘carbon neutrality’ is defined and what it means for accounting practices. The workshop additionally examined ways in which carbon neutrality can become more widespread at airports.

International conference on post-Kyoto environmental implications for aviation

26-28 June 2008

The high profile conference provided a forum to discuss potential options for environmental control of aircraft emissions through UNFCC protocol processes. The conference considered the potential impact of such controls on the aviation sector. Participants discussed implications and explored options for including aviation in post-Kyoto rules.

Workshop: Integrated Study of Advanced Open Rotor Powered Aircraft

24 June 2008

The workshop shared knowledge gained on the noise characteristics of AOR designs related to noise standards. It covered measures for managing engine noise with flight operations. Participants had the opportunity to discuss the findings to determine the viability of aircraft AOR design and operations from a noise perspective.


Short Course: Aviation Sustainability

17-19 June 2008

A short course designed to raise awareness among industry managers, environmental specialists and government policy-makers about the development of environmental evidence and fresh information on the aviation sector’s sustainability performance. Training gave an overview of sustainability issues, especially in relation to climate change and solutions from Omega findings.


Attitudes to Noise workshop

29 May 2008

The workshop examined the latest research findings on attitudes to noise. Participants assessed the effectiveness of existing measures to reduce noise. The workshop was an important stimulus to defining effective technology and operational solutions.

Workshop on barriers to introducing new technologies and the impact of regulations and institutions

23 May 2008

The workshop discussed obstacles to the introduction of new technology, while considering how regulation affects decision making.

Disruptive technologies seminar

23 March 2009

The workshop aimed to identify potential future scenarios for aviation technology. Participants had the opportunity to look beyond existing systems to new and challenging alternative that might produce a revolutionary improvement.