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Mitigating future aviation CO2 emissions – “timing is everything”

On August 27th 2013, CATE published a research report, “Mitigating future aviation CO2 emissions – “timing is everything””.

The full report can be found here.

Principal investigators included:

Prof. David S. Lee, Dr Ling L. Lim and Dr Bethan Owen

The study shows that conventional technology development and development of less carbon intensive biofuels, while vital and necessary in the longer term, is not the fastest way of mitigating CO2 emissions.

Prof. David Lee commented, “What we show is that MBMs such as the European Emissions Trading scheme for aviation, the subject of so much political controversy, and currently halted while ICAO tries to broker an international agreement, is the most effective solution, other than a full-blown international aviation MBM such as emissions trading for aviation CO2 emissions.”