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CATE’s Expertise in Aircraft Noise Makes an Impact in China

One again, the Centre for Aviation, Transport and the Environment has been recognised for the quality of its research output and international standing of its staff. Building upon its world class research in climate change and alternative fuels, the focus has now turned to its expertise relating to aircraft noise .  Prof. Callum Thomas has been appointed adjunct Professor at the Civil Aviation University of China, and will travel to Beijing later this year to deliver a series of lectures on impact of aircraft noise upon communities surrounding airports. This environmental challenge is well understood in the UK, is frequently discussed in the media and has featured large in the debate surrounding the provision of a third runway at Heathrow airport.

China’s air transport industry is undergoing very rapid development at the present time, with over 60 airports under construction and air traffic exhibiting double digit growth. This massive expansion is having a number of impacts upon the environment and the authorities in Beijing have recognised the value of research in this field being undertaken at the Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU).

In 2008, MMU signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ARUP and the Civil Aviation University of China in Beijing to promote research and knowledge transfer that supports the sustainable development of the air transport industries in the two Countries.  This is being achieved by holding workshops in the UK and China and through the exchange of research students and staff.