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Testimonials & Student Experience

Testimonial by Lawrence Christopher Howard:

I came to Manchester in September 2010 to study Physical Geography at Manchester Metropolitan University. I have always had a passion for studying the Earth we live on, its atmosphere and how human interactions can alter it. When searching for a topic to study for my final year dissertation, I knew that I wanted to incorporate these elements into a challenging yet interesting piece of work. I was offered a chance to work alongside Dr. Ling Lim and the rest of the Centre for Aviation Transport and the Environment (CATE) team, studying contrails and how they contribute to the anthropogenic input in our atmosphere. Through various meetings together, we decided that I would analyse a previously unstudied area of contrail analysis, with the possibility of my work becoming published in a scientific journal.

As an undergrad, I felt greatly privileged to be provided with my own personal computer, along with all of the facilities the CATE department has to offer, and an additional desk space in the office alongside many Professors, Doctors, PhD and Masters students. I have since had the chance to become well acquainted with these people, and they have generously provided me with any clarification or assistance I have required. The work-ethic and social atmosphere within the CATE department has significantly increased my personal productivity, which itself has also been supported by the passion, commitment and communal interests shared by all who work there. Through working in the CATE department, I have come to realise the extent to which the staff are so highly regarded and so prominently published within the Sustainable Aviation Sector.

Studying within the CATE department, I have also acquired many new skills and practical applications of the abilities I’ve been taught during my time at MMU. I have had considerable hands-on experience of software suites and modelling programmes which had previously only been studied within a theoretical context. Through my short time working with the CATE team, I have gained an appreciation of exactly how rewarding it is to be involved in world-class projects with enthusiastic and highly knowledgeable groups of people.

My experiences with MMU and the CATE department have confirmed my choice of profession, and it has now led me to pursue a career or postgraduate study within the air transport and atmospheric monitoring industry.