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About Us

CATE is a leading group on the environmental impacts of the exponential growth of air travel, with a global reputation for aviation-related research

Its work embraces the effects of aircraft emissions on global climate change and local air quality, the noise and community impacts of aviation and the broader sustainability and developmentissues related to air transport and airports.

The Centre also provides science and related policy-based technical advice to government and regulatory authorities, at a national and global level. CATE professors are among the lead authors on the climate projections of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. They also provide scientific analysis on aviation and its role in the European Emissions Trading Scheme. CATE members of staff also provide scientific advice to UK government in the international forum of the UN specialized agency ICAO-CAEP (International Civil Aviation Organization –Committee on Environmental Protection).

CATE has attracted £8.5 million from research grants and contracts since 2001 including from the EPSRC, UK government and the European Union.